The simgen package

The simgen package is an add-on package for R, which contains functions used for running the simulations reported in Barr, Levy, Scheepers, and Tily. The package also contains a general-purpose function mcRun() for performing Monte Carlo runs on user-specified data, parameters, and functions. See ?mcRun for details.

If you find any bugs, please report them to Dale Barr, the package maintainer.

Download and Installation

  • Current version: 1.54
    Unix, Linux, MacintoshWindows

    The package is not yet available on CRAN, and thus must be downloaded and installed manually. If you experience any trouble installing simgen, please see the CRAN website for assistance on installing add-on packages.

Installing on Unix/Linux/MacOS

  • To speed up the Monte Carlo simulations, it is recommended that you also install the multicore package. Unfortunately, multicore is not available for Windows workstations, and so simgen will be unable to take advantage of multicore processing. If you are using Unix/Linux/MacOS, install multicore as shown below before installing simgen.
  • To install simgen from the command line (MacOS, Unix, Linux):
    R CMD INSTALL simgen_1.54.tar.gz
  • To install it from within R:

    After making sure that you set your working directory to where the .tar.gz file is located, type

    install.packages("simgen_1.54.tar.gz", repos=NULL)

Installing on Windows

  • For Windows workstations use the following command from within R.
    install.packages("simgen_1.54.zip", repos=NULL)

Author: Dale J. Barr, Roger Levy, Christoph Scheepers, and Harry J. Tily

Last Update: June 23, 2012