Statistical Rethinking Reading Group

Wednesdays, 1-2pm, Boyd Orr 517


McElreath, Richard (2015). Statistical Rethinking: A Bayesian Course with Examples in R and Stan. New York: CRC Press.

Note: There are also video lectures by McElreath (hat tip Iris Holzleitner).


The textbook contains example code and exercises in R. For maximum benefit you will need a working R setup with the packages rstan and rethinking installed. NOTE: the code is also being ported to python, with chapters 1-4 completed (hat tip: Andrew Tyler Morgan).

You can configure your own R/RStudio setup, or use the department RStudio Server at The department server should have all required packages already installed. Note: to access the server from a laptop connected to eduroam wifi, you will need to do so through the campus VPN.

Discussion and getting help

Please use the forum at If you need to register, please do so using your University of Glasgow email address.


Date Chapter Discussion Leader(s)
W Jan 18 2. Small Worlds and Large Worlds Heather Woods
W Jan 25 3. Sampling the Imaginary Phil McAleer
W Feb 8 4. Linear Models Helena Paterson
W Feb 15 5. Multivariate Linear Models Iris Holzleitner & Anthony Lee
  - - - BREAK - - - - - - BREAK - - -
W Mar 1 6. Overfitting, Regularization, IC Dale Barr
W Mar 8 7. Interactions Christoph Scheepers
W Mar 15 8. Markov Chain Monte Carlo Robin Ince
W Mar 22 10. Counting and Classification Greta Todorova
W Mar 29 9. Big Entropy and the GLM Heather Woods & Maria Gardani
  - - - BREAK - - - - - - BREAK - - -
W Apr 19 12. Multilevel Models Martin Lages
W Apr 26 11. Monsters and Mixtures Lisa DeBruine
W May 7 - - - CANCELLED - - -  
W May 10 13. Adventures in Covariance Christoph Scheepers
W May 17 14. Missing Data and Other Opportunities Christian Keitel
TBA 15. Horoscopes + Celebration in the PUB  

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